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Authorized Volvo Penta Marine Engine Services

MK Marine Service provides a range of services:

  • Repair and maintenance of VOLVO PENTA engines.
  • Repair and maintenance of all transmission systems of VOLVO PENTA (I.P.S. E.S. Z drive).
  • Full installation of engines, propulsion systems and dials of VOLVO PENTA.
  • Diagnosis and recovery of problems with the most modern diagnostic and essential dials, as well as with the required specialized tools.
  • Service protocol in accordance with the specifications of VOLVO PENTA.
  • A report with the functional status of engine/s after testing or sea trial.
  • Work covered with guarantee of VOLVO PENTA, and possibility of upgrade operations or withdraw material.

Repair and maintenance services are provided, either in privately owned workshop of MK Marine Service, or on the boats at any point of sailing or parking.

MK Marine Service provides 24-hour service for troubleshooting, as well as one (1) year guarantee for the services provided by it.